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Monster is committed to providing our joint clients a better experience through your platform with a Real Time Posting (RTP) integration. With this integration, our joint customers may:
  • Post jobs to Monster faster directly from your platform.
  • Increase job visibility, including bolding and refresh.
  • Add job distribution to targeted seeker groups such as veterans and diverse candidates.
  • Syndicate jobs to thousands of sites through Monster Career Ad Network®.

The content below will guide you through building the best possible Real Time Posting integration for clients.

Purpose and Objective

The purpose of this guide is to help you publish, edit and delete job ads via the Monster's Business Gateway (BGW) in real time. We describe how to interact with the BGW by sending SOAP messages over HTTPS.
This technical onboarding guide is divided into the following sections:

Getting Started

Below is the Real Time Posting implementation process.
  1. Decide which Real Time Posting features to implement by reviewing the "Development Considerations" below. If you'll be taking advantage of Apply with Monster (AwM) in conjunction with RTP, we recommend doing the AwM integration first.
  2. Create the XML job posting by using the instructions in this guide and samples located in Monster's webservices toolkit (
  3. Validate XML using the toolkit.
  4. Test posting a job from your application (Applicant Tracking System, etc).
  5. Review the job posting response, make the necessary changes and retest.
  6. If using Apply with Monster, apply to a test job and confirm receipt of the candidate information.
  7. Once the test cycle is complete, transition to production using the steps outlined in the "Deployment" section of this guide.

Design Considerations

Monster offers job enhancements to help employers stand out and/or target the best candidates. This section highlights key features that will differentiate your integration and offer value to joint clients.

Supported Boards Clients may choose to post to the following boards based on their available purchased inventory, as well as clients' desired distribution and targeting.
  • Monster Board -  Jobs posted to Monster's core job sites, our mobile app, our BeKnown professional networking app on Facebook, our affiliate websites including and, and over 1,000 newspaper partner co-branded websites.
  • Career Ad Network Direct - Syndicates jobs to a network of thousands of sites, targeted to attract the right seekers. When job seekers click on the ad, they'll learn more about the job and apply online. Learn more
  • Diversity Board - Distributes jobs to Monster's exclusive network of sites targeting diverse candidates. Learn more
  • Veterans - Find and hire the best military talent with the largest military-focused destination site and network. Learn more

Inventory Types / Add-On Inventory Clients may add additional job visibility in job search results.
  • Bolding - Increases the visibility of the posting with a bolded posting in the search results.
  • Refresh - Moves the posting to the top after a pre-determined interval with manual updates.
  • Auto-Refresh - Moves the posting to the top automatically after a pre-determined interval.

Tip! Show a snapshot of available inventory to users with the job inventory query.

RTP with Apply with Monster Apply with Monster is an integration solution that helps streamline a candidate's apply experience at your career sites. Jobs posted to Monster can also be configured to leverage that same AwM integration. Learn more about AwM.

Create the XML Request

Requests to BGW must be sent in the form of SOAP envelopes, which is composed of a header and a body.
Each request can include a maximum of a single job and must follow the schema for the Monster Job Postings.

  • Sample Job in Monster XML Format (Click to expand XML code)
  • Information about Job Fields (Click to expand XML code)

SOAP Envelope

The envelope is a container for Soap message.

(Click to Expand XML Code)

SOAP Header

The header contains information about the request, request protocol, and a security protocol with the user credentials.

(Click to Expand XML Code)

SOAP Envelope Job

The Body contains all the data related to the job you're posting and should comply with Monster job schema.
  • Job request samples can be found here.
  • The full Monster Job Schema can be found here.

The XML job is described by 3 main sections
  • Processing Information
  • Job Information
  • Job Posting

Processing Information

This section contains information about the way the Job Message will be processed, under which account e.g. information about the kind of action (update, delete, etc...)

(Click to Expand XML Code)

Job Information

This contains the main information that will be displayed in the job ad. Example: job title, job description (jobBody), salary , contact, etc.

(Click to Expand XML Code)

Job Posting

This section sets where the job posting will be searchable, identified by the combination of JobCategory, JobOccupation, Location and BoardName. Inventory preferences, industries, video, etc can be set in this section as well.

(Click to Expand XML Code)

Job Duration

The job duration defines how many days an ad will run. When added, it controls the desired duration to attempt to post the job with.  Jobs will require inventory with the appropriate duration or else the job will fail to post.
(Click to Expand XML Code)


This is the location (region or part of it, down to the postal code level) under which the job will be searchable on Monster sites. This will restrict the website on which it will be searchable.
Example locations: London East, London North West, etc... full available location can be found here: Monster Locations

Job Board

The job board is a container in which your jobs will fall into. It is specified in the BoardName element.
<BoardName monsterId="1"/>

For example, Id 1 represents the production core Monster sites, excluding Private Label sites ( also known as "Co-branded" sites or "Branded Career Sites") that have their own BoardId.

The following table shows the different test and production board Ids.

Job Board Name Test Board Id Production Board Id
Monster 178 1
Diversity 7007 3902
CAN Direct 7008 6955
Veterans 7009 6965
To post to both Monster and Diversity, two job postings must be provided in the request. This sample can be used as a reference as it shows multiple postings: Multiple_Postings_Sample


The DisplayTemplate defines which job template is used to used to format the posting ad. Id value of 1 is for the standard job posting template offered by Monster. Other Id values are for customized job posting templates.

<DisplayTemplate monsterId="1"> 


When added, bolds the job title in seeker job search results, increasing the visibility of the job. Bolding exists as both as an attribute for standard inventory and as an ala carte option. Setting bold to “true” will require available bolding inventory or else the job will fail to post.

In the job XML, bolding is defined as a Boolean attribute of the JobPosting element, as shown below: 

        <JobPosting desiredDuration="60" bold="true">

Job Refresh

When added, refresh provides the ability to do a manual, “one time” refresh on an active job posting. Inventory is purchased only ala carte. Setting the jobPostingAction to “refresh” will require available refresh inventory or else the job will fail to refresh.

In the job XML, Refresh is defined as an enumeration value of the attribute jobPostingAction of the JobPosting element, as shown below:

<JobPosting desiredDuration="60" jobPostingAction="refresh">


When added, auto-refresh provides the ability for a job posting to be moved to the top of the job search results every "auto-refresh interval" days. Valid auto-refresh frequencies are: 7, 14, 30 or 60 days. Auto-refresh inventory exists only as an attribute for standard inventory. Setting the Auto-refresh to “true” will require available auto-refresh inventory for the selected frequency or else the job will fail to refresh.

(Click to Expand XML Code)


When added, Video provides the ability to have a job video that accompanies the job posting. Inventory is purchased only ala carte. Setting Video on a job will require available video inventory or else the job will fail to post, Setting Video on a job will require available video inventory or else the job will fail to post.

       <Video monsterId="123" refCode="video_A">

CAN (Career Ad Network)

When added, allows one to enhance Monster Job Posting with targeted advertising on the Monster network and its diverse partner websites. Monster’s Career Ad Network will transform a job posting into a dynamic hiring ad and then strategically place that ad where qualified candidates spend their time online. When interested job seekers click on the ad, they’ll be brought to the Monster Job Posting, where they can learn more about the job and easily apply online. Inventory is purchased ala carte for Monster postings only. It is not available on Diversity. Setting CAN on a job will require available CAN inventory or else the job will fail to post.

<JobPosting desiredDuration="60" bold="true">
            <CareerAdNetwork desired="true">

Apply Methods

If you utilize Monster's candidate management capability, then by specifying Apply Online, the resume is saved on Monster and a copy is emailed to the job contact as set in the posting account's preferences. This is the default apply method, and is disabled via the DisableApplyOnline field. Contact\E-Mail address must be provided in order for the apply button to be displayed on a job.

If candidates are managed within your own applicant tracking system, an integrated apply solution can be used to specify delivery of an applicant's resume, cover letter and profile information to your platform. To enable this integration, an element containing Apply with Monster configuration parameters is specified. If your apply process requires the completion of additional interview questions in addition to the collection of the candidate's resume, the seeker can be redirected to the site specified by OnContinueURL.

If circumstances prevent an integrated solution, a basic applicant redirect is available specified by the CustomApplyOnlineURL field. An account must be enabled via a Monster representative to permit usage other than Apply Online.

Important! If not using Apply Online, it is critical that proper source attribution is specified such that the candidate source is identified as originating from Monster.

NOTE: The XML tag ApplyOnlineURL is used for outbound exports and is not relevant for setting up the apply URL.

Example ApplyWithMonster element within the RTP job XML: (Click to Expand)

Character sets and encoding

XML requests should be posted to BGW encoded in "UTF-8" (Unicode) characters set.

When text includes special characters in XML, including HTML markup characters, (ex. <li>One<li>) the text should be surrounded with the CDATA tag. If text uses XML/ HTML entities (ex. &gt; &lt; &amp;) then the CDATA tag should not be used.

More information about HTML Encoding can be found here:

Job Processing

The jobAction attribute within Job Tag is used to determine the action your request will trigger.

Adding a new job

Posting a request with jobAction="addOrUpdate" will add a new job, or update a pre-existing one if a job with such a RefCode exists under the referred recruiter account.

An alternative way of posting a new job is by using jobAction="add", but this is not recommended. In the case that the job already exists with this JobRefCode, it will return an error in the XML Response.

Updating a job

Posting a request with jobAction="addOrUpdate" will update a pre-existing job with such a jobRefCode under the referred recruiter account.

An alternative way of updating a job posting is by using jobAction="update", but this is not recommended. In the case that a job does not already exist with this jobRefCode, it will return an error in the XML Response.

Deleting a job

There are two ways to delete a job position:

1. Set the job action attribute, in your request (the same XML format as for adding or updating) to delete (<Job... jobAction="delete"...>) including the targeted JobRefCode and RecruiterReference.

2. Post a Delete XML request with RefCode as the job identifier

Monster Delete Schema can be found here:

(Click to Expand XML Code)

Job postings Processing

An XML job request can contain multiple postings for the same job position.

Each of the posting will be referred by the unique combination of Location/BoardName
Each posting will get a Monster postingId and will consume a posting Inventory from the recruiter account

Adding a new posting

Add a new posting to the request(include the existing posting) with jobaction set to "addOrUpdate" or "Update" and repost it. This will add a new posting under the same position.

Updating a posting

Update the posting info on the request setup jobAction to "addOrUpdate" or "Update" and repost it.

Changing one of the key entities (Location/BoardName) on a posting will cause it to be deleted and to add a new posting, or update the existing posting if this combination key already exist under the position.

Deleting a posting

There are two ways to delete a single posting:

1. Omitting a posting from the job request with jobAction set to "addOrUpdate" or "Update" and reposting it will cause this position to be deleted.

2. Posting a delete XML request with postingId as the posting identifier

Monster Delete Schema can be found here:

(Click to Expand XML Code)


Here are suggestions for testing your Real Time Posting integration with Monster

  1. A Webservices Toolkit ( is available to validate the XML. It is recommended that this be done in the early stages of development until valid Monster XML can be created on a consistent basis.
  2. Once XML is valid, test posting a job directly to Monster's Business Gateway (BGW) URL

    • Monster's BGW uses port 8443; this is not an industry standard port so in some cases it needs to be configured in your firewall. If issues are encountered, be advised that it is not necessary for clients to use port 8443 to exit their systems.
    • Test account that can be used to post directly to BGW is username: xrtpjobsx01 password: rtp987654
  3. Test the following activities as part of Real Time Posting
    1. Create a job on your site and post the job to the Monster demo job board (monsterId = 178).
    2. Receive and view the response.
      • Be able to parse the XML response and provide feedback to users on job posting status (success or failure).
      • Ensure there's a process in place to fix and resubmit job postings.
    3. View the job posting and make adjustments in the XML request as necessary.
      • Jobs can be viewed by using Where xxxxxxxxx is the postingId in the XML response.
    4. View the job search results (job board 178 only) and make adjustments as necessary. This can be done by going to Note that job search indexing is typically done within 90 minutes.
    5. Apply to a job using Apply with Monster
      1. Confirm Apply button is visible on job posting
      2. Apply to a job
      3. Confirm receipt of job seeker resume and cover letter
    6. Repeat steps 3a through 3c above and post jobs to the Diversity, CAN and VETERANS demo job boards.
      • Note that step 3d is not applicable for the Diversity, CAN and VETERANS job boards.
    7. Perform an inventory query. Parse the results and provide inventory level information to users.

Take Note!
Different job boards are used for integration testing and Monster's production job boards. Be sure that the appropriate job boards are used for the intended destination.

HTTPS response

For each request, the BGW will return an XML response that will contain information about the success or failure of the request.

Common Job Errors and Resolutions can be found here.


  1. Ensure the correct job boards are being used. The job board Id's are located in the Job Board section of this guide.
  2. Have your customers contact their Monster Representative for the following
    1. Request their Real Time Posting credentials or update their existing account to support Real Time job Posting.
    2. Request that "job specific -Custom Apply inventory" be added to the account.
    3. Check their current job posting inventory types, durations, levels and purchase additional inventory if needed.
  3. Contact the partnership team for other marketing ideas to drive client adoption -
  4. Send your name, title, email, phone to be added to the communications list for future updates, important changes, new and opportunities to


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